Give Yourself a Present

Okay I have a suggestion.  Give yourself a real fucking present for Christmas.  Subscribe and start trading soybeans, soybean meal in the soybean crush as well as soybean oil and corn.  I will be honest, I'm not getting a lot of subscribers and not quite sure why other than I refuse to spend thousands of dollars on getting myself at the top of Google search.  Read through my website.  There's no bull shit.  I honestly feel there's no better trader and myself.  In 45 years of trading, I've never had a losing year and I've only had a tiny number of months or I lost money.  You can believe that are not.

The grain markets and specifically soybeans been pretty dull this year.  Until just recently.  Last week I killed it.  Send me an email or chat with me.  I don't care.  Happy holidays